Intuition, transparency & integrity

“Having worked intimately with one another for over 10 years, we understand what it takes to deliver outstanding outcomes for clients”



Founder / CEO


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Hamish Foletta is the founder of Sarto Advisory, bringing more than 15 years of industry experience and a lifetime passion for investments. Hamish developed his love for investing at an early age when the first share that he owned, Bank of Melbourne, was taken over when he was just 19. “That certainly did lower me in to a false sense of security in thinking that investing was easy”. Since those early years, Hamish has constantly strived to develop his investment process and has built a career using this knowledge to assist private individuals and families in managing their wealth. “Most of our clients have spent a lifetime carefully building their wealth. There is an enormous responsibility that comes with assisting clients in managing their financial assets and I get enormous satisfaction helping clients navigate the complex world of financial markets”. After spending over 15 years working for global Wealth Management businesses, Sarto’s genesis was born out of the desire to create a firm that would lead the market with intuition, transparency and integrity.




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After completing an accounting degree, Leanne Fewster worked at Mutual Trust for over 10 years where she was assisting Australia’s wealthiest families manage all aspects of their affairs. More recently, she has completed a Diploma in Financial Planning. Dealing with complex issues for wealthy families has given Leanne unrivaled experience in the operational aspects of managing clients wealth.


Investment Advisory Board

Tony Huntley has had a diverse career in financial markets spanning from equity research, venture capital, funds management and most recently was the Chief Investment Officer for one of the largest Family Office groups in Australia. From his earlier years as an analyst, Tony mastered the science of reading financial statements. Many years later, he has acquired the art of evaluating a business model and its’ management. Tony’s experience in financial markets over many decades has also given him the ability to understand the important macro trends and how this can be related back to the positioning of a portfolio to benefit from the business cycle.