Founder of Sarto Advisory

Our Story

We are passionate about financial markets, but the pivotal moments in my career have been seeing this knowledge used to make life changing impacts on clients: a person taking that leap to retire knowing they are financially secure, or the opportunities that have been created for younger generations through leaving a financial legacy.


Why Sarto?

Having worked for some of the largest global wealth management organisations and Australian family offices, Sarto Advisory was born out of a passion to take our learned experiences and create a Wealth Management business that puts our clients at the centre of everything that we do.

We strive to be your financial advocate, organising and simplifying life in such a way that maximises the enjoyment of your wealth now and in the future.




Tony Huntley

Investment Advisory Board Member

How do we do it?

We spend time understanding your needs to ensure that we can genuinely help you.

We work as a team with you at the centre. With your goals as our guide, we tap our diverse expertise to deliver solutions to you. We work with your accountant, lawyer and other professionals to deliver well-balanced thinking.

We value transparency. We partner with the best service providers using cutting-edge technology to deliver outstanding outcomes for clients.

We take a flexible, forward-thinking approach to constructing portfolios. We immerse ourselves in thinking about investments, sourcing research and information from a wide variety of areas. We look to own direct investments where we feel we have a competitive edge, and we use proven managers to get exposure to asset classes and areas that are difficult for us to construct ourselves.


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